See the Future

Know what's next.

We’ve all heard about big data, and that when you combine it with artificial intelligence, the whole world will be different. While that time may not quite be here yet, there are some areas where big data is starting to make a dent.

Imagine if you could keep track of all the topics people search for and talk about on the internet every day, and develop a fancy algorithm to figure out which of those topics were going to become the next big thing in the world. Anything that millions of people were looking for and talking about has got to be something worth paying attention to, right? Right.

Let me introduce you to Exploding Topics. The fine folks at Exploding Topics have developed a system that captures and analyzes millions of searches, conversations, and mentions across the internet, curates the most interesting topics, and sends them out via a newsletter every week. So good!

Not only does Exploding Topics explain the topic to you, it tells you what trend that topic is part of, gives you links to other related topics, and tells you what’s coming next in that space.

Recent topics included mushroom coffee, Obsidien (but I still think Notion is better), vitamin C serum, sneaker bots, massage guns, FightCamp, virtual team building, and vegan collagen. Do you know much about these topics? No? Then you should check this out.

Exploding Topics has a free version where you get a weekly dose of new topics, and a pro pay version where you get more topics more quickly.

You can subscribe to the Exploding Topics newsletter here. At the very least, you’ll never be without an interesting topic to bring up at a dinner party… whenever those may happen again.